The Steering Committee is looking for hosts for Timbre 2026 and later. If you are interested in hosting Timbre, please get in touch with the Chair to discuss more.

What to include in your proposal

  • Location, Host Institution(s), Chair(s), proposed dates
  • Summarise the theme/ concept of the conference
  • What is your motivation for hosting the Timbre conference? What is unique to your hosting?
  • Explain why you have chosen the proposed dates and if there are any restrictions
  • Would you be interested in other years if your proposal is not accepted for the dates you proposed?
  • Names and short bios of key people
  • Describe the rest of the team, including support staff
  • Description and location of venues/ resources for lectures/ workshops and concerts
  • How will funds be secured to help hosting the event? Include a list of possible sponsors and sources (e.g., grants) and a budget estimate